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No Win No Fee Solicitors

No Win No Fee Solicitors can be seen advertising online, on television advertisements and on placards in every town. The ads are typically brief and lacking in important information in that it doesn’t explain what happens if you win, and how it can be possible you don’t have to pay anything?

There are several things you should be aware of before signing any No Win No Fee Agreement (also known as the Conditional Fee Agreement), as there are certain obligations to be carried out by yourself and your solicitor. These include the maintenance of the appropriate insurance policy, medical consent forms and loan agreements.

Key Questions for No Win No Fee Solicitors

  1. Will I get full compensation?
  2. Will I be charged any fees?
  3. Will the insurance policy for my claim be deducted from my settlement cheque?

After the Event Insurance and No Win No Fee

The No Win No fee arrangement means your solicitor will be paid by the other party if you win the case, and you will receive 100% compensation. It is in your best interest to take out an after event insurance which covers your obligation to pay should you lose the case. The insurance is to cover the other party’s solicitor fees and expenses.

Choosing a No Win No Fee Solicitor

Regardless of the nature of your claim, finding a solicitor who has a good reputation is essential. Good professional advice will give you peace of mind and reduce the stress that invariably comes about from the proceedings. A reputable law firm will make you aware of the terms and conditions of their arrangement with you before they begin. They are there to work for and your behalf. Most qualified solicitors in the compensation field are trained to the highest standard. They are aware of the issues surrounding each type of case and what their client may be going through. It is their expertise that enables them to make the whole process bearable.

Free Consultation

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